Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Saver

HECM Saver is a new Reverse Mortgage product that was just release by HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development).

With an extremely low MIP (mortgage insurance premium) of only .01% of the property’s value, the costs of a HECM loan is now at record lows. HECM Standard is currently at 2% of the property value or 2% of the maximum FHA loan limit of $625,500 if the property value is higher.

The great news about the HECM Saver is that lower loan amounts are now available; about 10% – 18% less than that of a HECM Standard. This is good because the lower principal limit decreases the risk to the FHA insurance fund, and the reduction in risk is turned into a benefit to borrowers.

HECM Standard is available for fixed rate and LIBOR-based loans.

Contact us now for an easy-to-understand explanation of HECM Saver and how it can help you. Or call us at 888-820-2627 (please mention the website).

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